Disaster Assistance


* Please email your completed applications to disaster@impactcap.org *

Individual Disaster Assistance:

When disaster strikes, IMPACT is on the front lines assisting families. Households MAY receive up to $5,000 for qualifying household items.  We deliver this service when Iowa’s Governor declares one of our service counties a disaster area. 

What Assistance Is Available?

Types of qualifying expenses:

· Temporary housing - Up to $65 per day for 30 days of lodging at a licensed establishment such as a motel or hotel, if the household’s home is destroyed, uninhabitable, inaccessible or unavailable to the household

· Food assistance - Replacement of spoiled or destroyed food, up to a maximum of $50 for one person; $25 for each additional person in the household.  Fast food receipts will not be accepted

· Personal Property - Examples could be: appliances, personal hygiene, clothing, bedroom furnishings, etc.  Individual items have a maximum allowance, check with IMPACT for a full list of items and qualifying amounts

· Home Repair - Repair of structural components, repair of floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and carpeting. There are maximum allowances for individual items.  Assistance not available for pre-existing conditions, landlord owned property, or if the title of the property is not in the applicant’s name

Am I Eligible?

Households must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level to receive Disaster Assistance. To be served at IMPACT, the household must live in one of our service counties and the county would need to have a disaster declaration from the Governor of Iowa.

How Do I Apply?

You may download a copy of the application here.


Please email your applications to disaster@impactcap.org.

For more information on disaster assistance please visit the DHS website.

Iowa Disaster Case Management:

Disaster Case Management is a time-limited resource and process that involves a partnership between an IMPACT case manager and a household impacted by a disaster.  Through this partnership, the parties work together to develop and carry out a disaster recovery plan.  This partnership provides households with a single point of contact to facilitate access to a broad range of resources and promote sustainable assistance.

Am I Eligible?

All households are eligible for case management services. Please call 515-518-4770 for more information.