ERAP Landlords

Follow these steps to assist your tenant with an ERAP application:

  1. You will be linked to IMPACT's online application.  This requires a unique username and password for each tenant you wish to assist.  Do not use your email and password.  The application is written as though a tenant is applying, so the term "you" refers to your tenant. Documents to have on hand include:

    • Identification for tenant​

    • Income information either for all of 2020 or for the past 30 days

    • Copy of the lease signed by both parties

  2. The tenant must fill out and sign the ERAP Release Form, located in the prescreen section of the application, which gives you permission to assist with the application.

  3. The application will prompt for a "Recommender" which is where you, as a landlord, will enter your contact information.  This will prompt an automated email where you can log in and complete the Landlord Verification Form.

    • We ask both the tenant and landlord to provide a copy of the lease.  If uploaded with the tenant application, you may skip this step on the Landlord Verification​.​

  4. Once the application is submitted it will be reviewed by our staff and they will get in contact with you and your tenant.