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Congratulations to the 2022 Women of Influence honorees, including our own Anne Bacon

"If you were to sit down for a job interview at IMPACT Community Action Partnership with Anne Bacon, the first question she would ask you is, 'Why are people poor?'

"She’s not looking for a response that features a negative stereotype or focuses on an individual’s life choices. Rather, she’s looking for an answer that addresses the systemic barriers that lead to poverty.

“'Poverty is not a single person’s issue or an individual’s issue. It’s a community issue that’s created and sustained by the community,' she said."

Thus begins the article written by Emily Kestel, Fearless Editor, in today's issue of the Business Record. Read full story here.

IMPACT sends a big shout out thank you to the Business Record for celebrating the work of Central Iowa women who have made a powerful difference in our community, including our own fearless leader.


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