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IMPACT Community Action’s Anti-Racism Statement

The mission of IMPACT Community Action Partnership is to reduce the barriers and burdens that families in poverty experience by increasing access to essential needs. For the past 5 years, IMPACT has served the families of Boone, Jasper, Marion, Polk and Warren counties, aspiring to be part of creating communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and where all people are safe.

However, it is clear to us now more than ever, that there is something inherently wrong with the actions and attitudes in our society’s responses and engagement with our community members who are Black. It is incumbent upon us to recognize how historical injustices have evolved and been codified and normalized through laws, policies, and practices in our communities. We find that it is our duty and our responsibility to support the call-to-action of the Black Lives Matter movement and address the inequities propagated by the roots and branches of racism.

As a Community Action Agency, it is our role to work to address the inequities that create systemic and generational poverty. We must confront systemic racism and implicit bias to ensure a society where all community members feel welcomed and included.  We recognize the need to do better in our outreach to marginalized and historically oppressed populations.

When it comes to the topics of diversity, inclusion, white privilege and systemic racism, IMPACT, its leadership and staff are imperfect. Our policies and procedures are imperfect. Our day-to-day approaches are imperfect. However, we are committed to improving our knowledge and understanding of these issues and take necessary actions to be better. In hopes of beginning to honor the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other Black lives lost, we have outlined the following initial action steps.


Initial Action Steps


  • IMPACT will work to ensure our staff composition reflect the communities we serve.

  • IMPACT will create a Board of Directors that is reflective of our community and those we serve.

  • IMPACT will dedicate staff time to self-reflection and learning in regards to systemic racism and the significant role white privilege continues to play in our communities.

  • IMPACT will use current data and information about lived inequities for training and process design.

  • IMPACT will utilize the Annie E. Casey Race Matters: Organizational Assessment  to determine the course of further organizational improvement.


It’s time to get to work. Black Lives Matter.

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