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Housing Assistance

Stay Housed Program

MARCH 1, 2024 UPDATE: 


We believe that all of the rent assistance funds will be exhausted in the coming weeks.  To help as many tenants as possible during this time, we will only be providing one month of future rent (April) starting March 1, 2024.   


Tenants eligible for reapplication in March will be contacted by an IMPACT staff to apply. Reapplications must be submitted by March 15th to be accepted.


Applications at the Polk County Justice Center will continue until all available rental assistance is exhausted.  Tenants applying at the Justice Center will receive assistance with past due rent and one month of future assistance (April) if their landlord chooses to participate.

Updated 3/1/2024

HPP- Homelessness Prevention Program (Short-Term)

What is the program?

The Stay Housed Program is an extension of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) that IMPACT facilitated from 2021–2022 for Polk County residents. 


Stay Housed can assist eligible families in Polk County with up to eighteen (18) months* of rental assistance if they have received an official eviction notice from their landlord for non-payment of rent. Available months will be impacted by the tenant’s previous use of Treasury funds (ERAP, IRUAP, etc.).


A Stay Housed payment can be provided to cover arrears owed to the landlord at the time of the eviction hearing and up to three (3) months forward to provide housing stability to the tenant.


Applications are taken at the Polk County Justice Center during a household’s eviction hearing if both the landlord and the tenant are willing to participate. Funding may be available for households with non-participating landlords. 


Families will have the opportunity to participate in case management services to assist in ongoing housing stability and resource navigation. If a household would like to apply for future months of assistance, they will do so through their assigned case manager. 


*18 months of assistance is not guaranteed. Months of assistance will depend on available funding for the Stay Housed Program.

Am I eligible?

Eligible households must meet the following criteria:

  • Renting in Polk County, Iowa

  • Household income that does not exceed 80% of Area Medium Income.

  • A scheduled eviction hearing for non-payment of rent.

  • One or more individuals in the household have qualified for unemployment benefits OR have experienced a reduction in household income, incurred significant costs either directly or indirectly due to the coronavirus outbreak

  • Have remaining months of eligibility left in Emergency Rental Assistance (ERAP, IRAUP, etc.)

What documentation is required?

  • At the Justice Center, the household will be asked to provide an identification card for at least one adult in the household. 

  • Income documents may be collected by an IMPACT staff after the intake at the Justice Center is completed. Families are not required to submit documentation during their initial intake if they are not able. 

  • Landlords will be asked to provide a current W9 for payment.

Eviction Info

Eviction Information & Resources:

  • Please call 211 for other housing resources available in your community​

Updated 11/21/2023

HPP Short

HPP – Homelessness Prevention Program (Short-Term)

HPP- Homelessness Prevention Program (Short-Term)

What is the program?

The HPP program provides rent/mortgage assistance to households that are unable to pay their rent or are currently behind on payments.  We can assist up to $300 once per year. This program is available in Boone, Jasper, Marion and Warren counties.

Am I eligible?

Households must be at or below 175% on the Federal Poverty Level and must reside in Boone, Jasper, Marion or Warren counties. Funding for this program will vary.

To apply for this program, please call 515-518-4770

What documentation is required?

  • Identification for all household members.

  • Proof of the last 30 days (or previous year’s) income.

  • Statement or lease agreement from your landlord.

HPP Long

HPP – Homelessness Prevention Program (Long-Term)

What is the program?

The HPP long-term program provides financial assistance toward rent for 6 months and case management for 12 months. The goal is to prevent homelessness or provide stability for those that are currently homeless. This program also provides financial coaching and resource navigation. This is only available in Warren County.

Am I eligible?

Households must be at or below 30% of the Area Median Income which is determined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This program is only for Warren County residents.

To apply for this program, please call 515-518-4770.

TBRA – Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program

What is the program?

The Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program offers households assistance with their rent for up to 2 years if funding is available. Households must pay 30% of their income towards their rent. The TBRA program currently has a waitlist and is not open to the public. 

Am I eligible?

Households must be at or below 60% Area Median Income in order to be eligible. You must also have a referral from the FaDSS Program (Family Development Self-Sufficiency Program).

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