Food Assistance


Monthly Choice Food Pantry:

A program designed to provide a two to three-day provision of groceries. Households are guided through to choose their own groceries within the guidelines of food groups and household size.  Fresh meats, produce, and bread items are added when available.

Where Are The Food Pantries?

Choice food pantries are located at our Boone, Drake, and Ankeny Resource Centers. All of our food pantries are an equal opportunity provider. 

Am I Eligible?

All families in need of food are able to receive it at any of our choice food pantries.  Households may access this service once per calendar month.

What Do I Bring?

Please find office hours for your local pantry here.

When you arrive, you will be asked to self-declare your income (on your first visit) and show ID's for everyone in your household. If you are unable to provide an ID, a limited amount of food is still available. 


Anytime Shelves

Our Boone, Drake and Ankeny Food Pantries also have 'Anytime Shelves'. These can be found in those Resource Centers and families can take any items on the shelf that they can use. Families do not need to show IDs or meet with a staff member to use the anytime shelves.  Items vary daily. 


Food Cards

IMPACT Resource Centers located in counties where we do not have a food pantry (Jasper, Marion, and Warren) offer limited access to food cards for local grocery stores. Please contact your local Resource Center to check on the availability of the cards.