Our Commitment To Those We Serve

IMPACT is big city and we are small town. We are life long Iowans and we are new immigrants. We are committed to reducing the barriers and burdens that families in poverty experience, whether through programming that we offer or through creating connections to other resources in our communities. In all that we do, we strive to do so with our values as our guide.



We work to ensure that all of our goals and actions are undertaken in response to the reason we exist: to reduce the barriers and burdens that families in poverty experience by increasing access to essential needs.


We know that the answers to poverty have not been fully discovered and we are willing to try new things in order to produce new results in all aspects of our work.



We say what we mean and we mean what we say. The people we serve, our funders and our partners can rely on us to deliver to the best of our ability on every promise and commitment we make.


We treat every person with equal respect and kindness. Regardless of your income, heritage, history or beliefs, you can expect to be treated well and offered hospitality.