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Thank you Tammy Yescas, AmeriCorps volunteer at IMPACT!

Meet Tammy Yescas, one of our amazing volunteers through AmeriCorps. Tammy’s motivation for service is deeply personal.

“I serve in honor of my son who died July 9, 2021,” Tammy said. “He focused on doing the greater good and meeting people where they are.

“It is important to me to serve at impact because I have been helped by this agency and it feels really great to give back this way!”

It’s not easy to be an AmeriCorps volunteer. The position requires a rigorous application process and a passion to serve and strengthen the community. Tammy is one of more than 1.2 million Americans who have served their country through AmeriCorps. And, Tammy is one of eight Americorps volunteers, past and present, serving IMPACT families.

During AmeriCorps week, IMPACT gives thanks to Tammy, all our AmeriCorps volunteers, and the awesome organization of AmeriCorps! These amazing individuals have been crucial in IMPACT’s mission to reducing the barriers and burdens that families in poverty experience by increasing access to essential needs.


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